Danell Leyva and the U.S. Men’s Gymnastics Team // John Huet

by Marilyn Cadenbach on August 9, 2016

Not the best day for Danell Leyva and the U.S. Men’s Gymnastics team yesterday, but at least Leyva had some fun with the media when he was asked if the 450,000 condoms provided for the 10,500 Olympic athletes in Rio this year would be enough.

John Huet_Danell Leyva

“Is that more than last time?” he asks.

“It’s a record.”

“Is it twice as many?”

“It’s a lot, I think. The question is: Will that be enough?”

“For me?” he asked, laughing.

John Huet had the opportunity to work with Danell earlier this year during his training sessions in Miami. We’ll be sharing more images and video of Danell as the Games continue, so stay tuned!


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