Nike’s Tribute to Liu Xiang // #EvenTheOrdinaryCanFly // John Huet

by Erika Brooks Adickman on April 15, 2015

John Huet Liu Xiang

When word got out that Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion, Liu Xiang would be announcing his retirement, Nike swooped in (or shall we say “swooshed” in) to capture this historical event. At a pace almost as fast as the World Record holder himself, John Huet was on a plane to China to shoot Liu for this campaign. A man of simple beginnings, Liu did the impossible and the unbelievable: becoming the first Chinese man to win an Olympic gold medal in the Men’s Track & Field event, as well as capturing the World Record for Men’s 110m hurdles.

Liu has engaged the imaginations of athletes and non-athletes alike and has become an inspiration to people everywhere, proving that with passion and determination, #EvenTheOrdinaryCanFly.


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