Peter Keil and the magic of the 20×24″ Polaroid

by Marilyn Cadenbach on February 29, 2012

We recently had the pleasure of working with Vic Cevoli, a legend in the ad world.  Talking with Vic reminded me of what it means to love what you do.  After 35 years in the industry, he remains passionate about advertising, branding, identity, design, typography, books, and you guessed it, photography.  We spoke about Polaroid, where Vic worked as a young designer, and what it was like to work with the brilliant Edwin Land.  The conversation made me think of the stunning group of 20×24″ Polaroids that were made in El Rocio, Spain by Peter Keil, another man who, after 35 years of image making, is absolutely passionate about what he does.  So here’s to Vic, and here’s to Peter.  And here’s to loving what you do.


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