Stunning Shades // Claudia Goetzelmann

by Erika Brooks Adickman on May 4, 2015

Claudia Goetzelmann My Paper Sunglasses-1
It’s Monday, Summer is upon us, and we’re thinking about a new pair of shades which brings us to these highly unusual sunglasses. Made of paper, they’re so much more than just a way to block out the sun. Each of these creative designs is part of the exhibit My Paper Sunglasses created and curated by graphic designer Otávio Santiago. Each original piece is modeled by the artist who designed it and photographed by Claudia Goetzelmann in Berlin. Otávio’s vision for My Paper Sunglasses combines humor, fashion and conceptual art with the artists ‘seeing’ themselves through their creations.  The exhibition encourages the public to try on the paper sunglasses, striking a pose as they take on a new identity.


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