The Way to … Review Santa Fe // Marilyn Cadenbach

by Thelma Louise on January 18, 2015

Four days and counting, the deadline is fast approaching for submissions for Review Santa Fe, the premier juried portfolio review event worldwide.  Hosted annually by CENTER, this year’s event will take place June 11-14 in Santa Fe.

As you put together your submission and think ahead to the reviews, consider this advice from Laura Pressley, Executive Director of CENTER:

  • When in doubt submit the edgier series.
  • Submit fewer images, and the tighter edit (you will be judged by your weakest, not your strongest image).
  • Pay attention to your sequencing, make it like an album. When it doubt, have a strong #1, #4, and other signature pieces sprinkled evenly throughout the series. End strong.
  • Bring two or more projects with you to the event.
  • In your reviews, realize that you, as storyteller, are as important as the work, in building key relationships. In other words, your bedside manner is very important.

Mark the date – The deadline for submissions is this Thursday!

Review Santa Fe




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